All types of stylish Mustaches, Wigs, Beards, Human Hair Extensions, Human Hair Patches, etc, are available here.

About Us

Hair has remained an essential part of a person's beauty in India since ages. Who does not want their hair to be silky, smooth and shiny? Everyone wants that, although, it is not possible, the constantly growing pollution and numerous diseases have become a major reason in the country for hair loss as well as damage. Many can save their hair using hair care solutions but for some these do not work, this is when, we, Gaurav Wig House, comes into the picture. We offer our clients with a quality accredited range of Wigs and other hair products that are available in a variety of styles, colors and lengths. Not just for people suffering from hair damage, we also meet the requirements of people who just want to look more stylish. Men and women across the country trust our range of Hair Wigs, Human Hair Patches, Human Hair, Human Hair Extensions, Beards, Mustaches, etc.

Not just this, as a manufacturer and supplier we care for cancer patients across the nation, and offer Chemo Patient Wigs that gives the suffering person confidence they need and bring smile on their faces. By constantly delivering all these, we aspire to fulfill our clients' desire to look their best.

Why One Must Choose Our Array?

Our collection of hair products is loved across India for all of their perfections. Whether it is about color, texture or looks, these are best in every aspect. The skin friendly nature and silky smooth texture have been two of the biggest reasons for their market success. The affordable prices also win hearts across the country. Not just for these, our range is also popular amongst clients because:-
  • These have a natural shine that make these look absolutely real
  • Our Wigs and other hair offerings are resistant to easy breakage
  • These does not get tangled easily, this makes these easy to use
  • Our range is made utilizing quality human as well as synthetic hair
At Clients Service Since 2005!

In past 13 years, we have served our precious patrons and have delivered them with the hair products they desire. With our help, men and women improvise their looks as per their styling taste without causing any permanent damage to their hair. Not only finest quality products, over the years, we have also provided gratification to our patrons by rendering top class customer services.

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